Assessment Center

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Talent Assessment and Development via Assessment Centers  (AC Center)

More and more organizations recognize that selection and development processes are critical for their talent in order to drive growth. With a carefully constructed and well-run Assessment or Development Centre, organizations can improve their approaches to selection, placement, promotion, development, career management, succession planning and training.
Combining  scientific measures of personality, cognitive ability, and motivation together with validated simulation based exercises; THLA  Assessment or Development Centre provides detailed information on talent potential with their actual demonstrated behaviors. Whether an analysis presentation, negotiation or coaching exercise, fact-find, or in-tray, the resultant integrated report provides an in-depth understanding of your talent.

  • Assessment for External and Internal Candidates

To have the final check with One Day at Assessment Center ( AC) by running a real life  series of exercises e.g. Business Case Presentation, Self-Presentation, Role Play and In-dept Interview

  • Assessment for Management Associate (MA) or

Management Trainee (MT)

To assess candidates who newly graduated from university and may be the future leader of organization as part of building future leader pipeline for long term strategic intent.

  • Building In-House Assessment Center

Assist organization to set up its own in-house AC for the purpose of hiring at significant and high level. By doing this, organization has in-house Assessment Lead and partner to conduct its own exercise based on real life case study of organization